Jantzen Amber Z-Cap

The Amber Z-Caps (pure copper foil capacitors) were especially designed for the tweeter section of crossovers for passive hi-fi speakers. They are also excellent for mid-range application, but due to the price-point, Alumen Z-Caps will often be a better choice from a price versus performance perspective.
Compared to the Alumen Z-Caps, the Amber Z-Cap will offer an even more “neutral” presentation in the overall sound in certain crossover designs, and by “neutral” we refer to the focus will be shifted from what can be a somewhat overemphasised brightness from a Super PP cap, being replaced with a more even balance between the depth of the midrange and the presence of the tweeter.

Due to the lower voltage rating, we advice customers to be mindful when using Amber & Alumen Z-Caps for tube- and power amplifier application. For upgrading the coupling capacitors in amplifiers, we instead recommend choosing our Superior or Silver Z-Caps (Double-foil Super MKP capacitors).