SEAS Excel Coaxial Driver 16cm C16NX001/F (Pair) Graphene Magnesium cone, double chamber tweeter


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The precision cast, machined and Graphene treated magnesium cone acts as a piston through the working frequency band without showing any sign of midrange resonances.

The woofer has an FEA optimised magnet system with precisely fitted copper parts for excellent linearity, high powerhandling and low distortion. A titanium voice coil former with a long copper clad aluminium winding for excellent force transfer, transient sound reproduction and large linear excursion. This results in very low mechanical damping for better clarity and brings out the micro details in the music.

The coaxially arranged tweeter with a precoated fabric dome is fitted with a Titanium former, has a low resonance frequency and integrates with the cone driver to form a point source for excellent sound stage imaging.

The extremely stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket designed for smooth air-flow, keeps the critical components in perfect alignment and reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.