27TAC/GB (Pair)- Aluminium dome, rear chamber

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27TAC/GB is a High Definition metal dome tweeter with a wide, soft textile surround and a rear chamber.
Anodized aluminium alloy diaphragm with pistonic behaviour throughout the audible frequency range, resulting in a good dispersion also above 10kHz. A Hexagrid protects the diaphragm.
Sonomex surround for low resonance and excellent mechanical linearity.
Titanium voice coil former for optimum transfer of force from coil to dome. The non-conductive former also doesn’t add any damping to the excursion to allow a very transient sound.
Copper cap in the magnet system reduces distortion and voice coil inductance, resulting in a sound without colorization.
Optimized rear chamber and internal damping for a smooth and resonance free response.